LANSING (WWJ) – The state capitol will be filled with Michigan union members on Tuesday.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Tim Skubick is reporting that the rally won’t be like the demonstrations taking place in Wisconsin, where here in Michigan the issues are different.

“We wanna talk about Emergency Financial Manager bill, which ends collective bargaining,” State AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney told Tim. “Act 312 repeal, which ends binding arbitration for police and fire and the prevailing wage bills, which are going through the legislature, which ends prevailing wage for construction workers,” Gaffney added.

Gaffney says the union is targeting its lobbying efforts at 44 Republicans in the legislature.

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  1. Bruce Randall says:

    Come on people let’s not be getting caught up in the race to the bottom of wages that’s going on everywhere. Let’s not allow the global elitists,the powerful and the rich to divide us into different segments of our large group of people by suggesting that other groups should have their taxes raised and their wages lowered instead of mine. By doing this, you are giving your power and control to these greedy people (the global elitists) and that is what they want. Have you heard of the commonly used phrase and tactic “Divide and conquer”? That is exactly what their tactic is that they are doing to “We the people”. We have one powerful tool/tactic that we can use that they do not have and that is “power in the numbers”, if and only if we STICK TOGETHER. Don’t get caught playing their game that only they can win by trying to fight against the race to the bottom of our buying power. Instead, how about trying to get you legislators,white house and media to push for controlling prices while they are caught up in controlling our wages? The same percentage amount and every time that our wages are lowered and our taxes are raised, the economy gets balanced by adjusting or lowering the prices of all products and services at the city,county,state and federal levels by the same percentage. After they balance their greedy budget, then balance the economy. People can not afford continually raising and inflated prices with continually less buying power at the same time and their insane greedy tactics begs the question – how can you greedy people make any profit or even sell your products/services without consumers “We the People” ??

  2. TaterSalad says:


    The University Bank in Ann Arbor, Michigan is now going “Sharia” compliant. Do not do business with this bank and here is why:

  3. Rebecca Hicks says:

    I was at the rally today and would like an interview

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