Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 2-23-11

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Top Ten – Matt Millen being called a draft expert is like [blank] being [blank]

-CK in Okemos: Like having Rodney Stuckey as a fire chief
-Jonathan in Milford: Like having Michael Vick be a Westminster judge
-Eric in Royal Oak: Like having Jim Price name a bad area in Michigan
-Big Al: Like having Charles Barkely on the other end of the line for Gambler’s Anonymous
-Jason: Like having Jim Tressel heading up the NCAA rules committee
-Stark: Like having Joe Cullen in a Levi Jeans commercial
-Paul in Warren: Like having Karen Carpenter as your food critic
-Al in Clawson: Like having Allen Iverson in charge of practice
-Dave in Detroit: Like having Death as your life coach

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