Chewbacca is going to be featured in an upcoming Star Wars series season finale. Where has Chewy been recently?
-Deuce: Making the Kessel run in less than 11 seconds…suck it, Solo!
-Patrick in Chesterfield: He’s been trying to keep a low profile since that whole thing a few years back with the high school girls in a hot tub. Oh, that was Chmu…
-Sean: Trying to hock R2D2 on Pawn Stars
-E in Shelby: He got a job as the new CEO of Lady Jane’s. “It’s Wookie Awesome!”
-Scott from Memphis: He’s been waiting for a new opportunity to scare Rod Allen
-Brian: He invented a candy using his full name, Charleston Chewy
-Trucker Mike: Wasn’t that Chewbacca on the Steelers’ D-Line?
-Nate at work: He shaved everything but his head, grabbed a sign, stood on the side of the freeway, and became a YouTube sensation
-Gary in Flushing: Chewbacca has spent several years in Florida, starting a music career and starring on “Brooke Knows Best”
-Joe in Inkster: He hung out as a member of the Wu Tang Clan, under the name Ol’ Furry Bastard


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