DETROIT (WWJ) – With more snow expected in Metro Detroit over the next few days, Wayne County is launching a search for someone to run the road division.  This follows the firing of Mike Rogers — who was let go after officials received a slew of complaints about freeways and roads not being cleared after the big 10-inch snowfall. 

Rogers, the Wayne County Road commissioner, couldn’t be reached by the media nor his superiors during the storm, including Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

“We have very high standards and we hold people accountable, once your into the public trust, to do things and do them the right way.  Unfortunately if we feel that standard isn’t being met, we’re not hesitant to change someone out,” Ficano said.

Ficano said he received a lot of calls Tuesday complaining about the lack of snow removal on the Southfield Freeway.

 “That was a critical day and there had to be supervision and nobody could be located at that time,” Ficano said.

Rogers will be replaced. In meantime, Ficano said the job will be covered and the roads will be cleared.

“We have the director and the deputy director who… have  lot of experience and they’ve taken hands on control. And we have people from my own officer who are going to go out during the night and check on the yards as well,” Ficano said.

Wayne County was expected to get 3-6 inches of snowfall before noon, Friday. (More on the weather).

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  1. Herrmannator says:

    I have lived in Metro Detroit for 40 years, and have never seen anything like the deplorable condition of Southfield freeway on Monday morning. There was plenty of time to do better, and somebody chose not to. I am really happy to see Wayne County officials holding somebody accountable. During these tough economic times, there is no excuse for somebody doing their job that poorly. This created a serious hazard for the people traveling to work Monday morning, and I have never seen so many accidents and stuck vehicles. Thanks to WWJ and the rest of the Detroit news media for asking Wayne County officials to explain the fiasco, and helping create the pressure needed to see that our public employees are held accountable for their performance.

  2. Herrmannator says:

    Correction to above – “…have never seen anything like the deplorable condition of Southfield freeway on TUESDAY morning.” Did not even attempt the drive on Monday, but things should have been cleared by Tuesday, and they were most everywhere else except for the Southfield!

  3. SamtheCat says:

    I am glad Ficano and Wayne County responded to the complaints and held someone accountable. What about Oakland County? The entire freeway was in bad shape, not just in Wayne Count!

  4. Liz says:

    I believe in accountablity but to fire a person who is days from retirement is cruel. We have become so heartless in our efforts to please people. Ask yourself how you would feel if it were you.

  5. Slimkat says:

    He had already turned in his resignation and the week of the storm was his last week. Why didnt Ficano have an interim commisioner in place, when he knew that this man was on his way to a new job in Texas. How can you fire somone who already quit, then throw them under the bus!

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