DETROIT (WWJ) – A hearing in Detroit federal court in less than two weeks will attempt to find out what happened to city of Detroit emails ordered to be turned over as part of the Tamara Green lawsuit.

WWJ NewsRadio 950’s Rob Sanford says the attorney for the family of a murdered exotic dancer wants the city of Detroit ante up.

Green was an exotic dancer of preformed at an alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion, and was later murdered. The Green family lawyer, Norman Yatooma says the missing emails could hurt the city’s case.

“They should know that the e-mails were relevent at such time the Chief of Police wrote a letter and said keep these on file. But they haven’t, they kept nothing and it’s more than just curious,” says Yatooma.

  1. Rob Mason says:

    It outrages me that nobody proofreads this stuff. I’m mean really. It’s almost not even newsworthy anymore because the story gets list in the horrible vocabulary. “green was an exotic of performed at an alleged party…”. What the hell does that mean? A fifth grader could write a better sentence than that. Get it together already

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