DETROIT (WWJ) – Once the labor dispute is settled between the striking musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and management, a new percussionist section will have to be hired.

Spokesman for the striking musicians Greg Bowens  says four percussionists left the DSO for other job opportunities outside of the state.

“These folks have been not working at their regular jobs for the last five months, and that can put a crimp in anybody’s budget. They are doing everything that they possibly can to make ends meet and as I said, their services are in demand and so they are finding ways to do that,” Bowens says.

“It is a loss in terms of talent, whenever you have folks who are this talented they are going to be in demand by the market, and that is true irrespective of what is going on,” states Bowens.

The DSO has been on strike since October because of a disagreement over pay, among other things. They have suspended the rest of their season.

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  1. betty gottschalk says:

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of the percussionists, but understand that one left because his fiance left for another area and he followed her and that is understandable.
    What I want the musicians to know is that we support them, but we are concerned that they are viewed as not understanding the problems facing our state and in particular the Detroit area. Our state has been hemoraging jobs, revenue and talent for many years. And as the dollars decrease….contibutions also disappear. Our hope is that the musicians would stop listening to their union repreps. who’s continued interest is empire building. People that we know support the musicians ……but are VERY tired of the unrealistic demands being made. These musicians all have an opportunity to teach and do additiional performances for added income. Something that residents of our area would love to have right now. Ticket price cannot go up and corporate sponsors have their backs to the wall. The union must understand this if they want to continue to exist.
    The citizens of our state have been tightening their belts for years and it is now time for the musicians to do the same.
    As for the loss , I view this as an opportunity of the DSO to hire new and young musicians. My hope is that Slatkin will remain with the DSO and work with these new musicians……what an opportunity for Slatkin to teach and for our young people.
    most sincerely

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