Almost 14 years after founding a successful Michigan business, Birmingham-based Core3 Solutions executives are pursuing their next venture in the form of a new product launch., a web-based proposal tool, launches on March 14, 2011 at South By Southwest. The Core3 Solutions team will be traveling to Austin, Texas to set up a booth at the annual interactive media conference that draws 40,000 attendees each year and showcases the best new digital ideas on the Web. 

The team’s goal is to not only promote Quotegine, but to deliver a message that Michigan has the creative talent and forward thinkers capable of producing products and ideas that can improve business practices at the national level.

Quotegine allows users to create and edit proposals, collaborate with colleagues, draw from a library of previously entered content, and then send it all off in a neat bundle that is branded to their company. Upon sending, users can track when it was opened and by whom. 

Core3 says Quotegine pays for itself in the amount of money customers will save on paper, ink and time. As companies look to scale back their carbon footprint along with supply budgets, paperless systems like Quotegine continually prove to be an effective and economical means of accomplishing these objectives.

“For nearly 14 years, we’ve enjoyed meeting new people and developing technology solutions for them, but the process of putting it all together into a quote has been a hassle,” said Ryan Deyer, co-founder of Core3 Solutions.  “We looked at existing products in the marketplace, but couldn’t find anything that met all of our needs. Since we had the internal talent, we decided to build our own system.”

Originally developed for internal use, the system quickly became a powerful tool to aid in Core3’s quoting process.

“Using Quotegine made our lives easier and freed up time that I can now spend with my wife and kids,” said Paul Chambers, co-founder of Core3.  “From talking with our clients, I learned we weren’t the only ones facing the frustrations of creating these documents. Quotegine has relieved so much stress and aggravation, we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We are sharing our product with the world, and showing them that Michigan businesses are full of innovators.”

Three features the Quotegine team developed that were missing in the marketplace are the ability for a team to easily collaborate on a quote, the capacity to send and track it, along with the acceptance of e-signatures. 

When multiple parties are involved in a quoting process, it can be a challenge to assemble all of the pieces. The mismatched formatting from several sources can be daunting to unify. Quotegine makes it simple by allowing multiple users to have varying degrees of editing and commenting access.

Once your proposal is ready to go, sending it is a breeze. But more importantly, you can see what happens after it leaves your inbox. Tracking and analytics features eliminate the guesswork as to whether your client received the document and when to follow up with them. 

Once you’ve made the sale, there is no more tracking down signatures either, thanks to the ability of the product to accept e-signatures. Whether you are at the client’s office with your tablet, or across the globe at your computer, the signature process is simple and paperless. 

Quotegine will be available at monthly subscription levels, based on the number of users and features that are included.  To simplify your proposal process and free up valuable time, visit and get started with a no cost trial.


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