Michigan drivers are feeling the pain at the pump this week.  

AAA Michigan’s weekly fuel gauge survey shows motorists are paying nearly 27 cents more for a gallon of gas this week.   The current statewide average is $3.44, up more than 78-cents from last year.  In Metro Detroit, prices average $3.43 a gallon.

Prices are highest in Ann Arbor and Traverse City where prices average $3.46 a gallon.  The lowest prices are in the Saginaw and Bay City area where prices are $3.41 a gallon. 

The current prices are not a record.  In July 2008, prices hit $4.21 in Michigan.  However, the last time gas prices were this high was in October of 2008 when gas prices were $3.45.

  1. A Michigan Engineer says:

    I got an idea! Lets all go out and buy an SUV !……………Haven’t we gone through this many times before? Some day this phenomena will not affect us. We can hope American educated engineers will get the opportunity to innovate this problem away. Remember better living through better science, technology, engineering and math. In fact, this slogan is good enough to start major economic beneficial industry in Michigan !

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