ST. CLAIR SHORES (WWJ) – There was an overflow crowd at the St. Clair Shores Library for a Property Tax Town Hall Meeting.

Organizer and recently elected State Representative for the 24th District of St. Clair Shores and Harrison Township, Tony Forlini, says he’s surprised but understands why there was such a large turnout.

“You know we’ve got a more than adequate turnout, we put this out for the residents to come and understand their taxes, so it’s more of an understanding of what the property taxes are, as opposed to just appealing,” Forlini tells WWJ’s Mike Campbell.

State Rep Forlini says a similar meeting awhile ago in Harrison Township drew only 10 people. The Republican Lawmaker calls it ‘good’ that people want to learn more about their taxes, adding, perhaps it’s part of the rising concern of government spending.

On the front lines of assessing homes, Bob Rychlik, recently hired out of retirement as a City Assessor for St. Clair Shores.

“I’ve been called everything in the book, and most of the people, I’d say 99 percent come in mad. I’ve got that kind of personality where I joke around with them- I talk to them, and when we get done, I’m like, their best friend,” says Rychlik.

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  1. Kathy Rybicki says:

    Taxes in this city are above what they should be I would like the accessor to buy some of these homes that he accesses if he thinks he is right. I understand they try to keep values higher but if the value isn’t there in reallity who does he think he is God. You can’t get value if it just isn’t there.

  2. Charles Vaughn says:

    There was a huge drop in home values here in 2010 but our tax bills did not go down at all. How can that be? I smell a rat in city hall. I know the city of S.C.S does not want to lose money from property taxes but we should only have to pay what we really owe not what the city wants to steal from residents. Our tax bills need to be corrected immediately. We are not wealthy people here and many of us are having financial hardship also, and if we can not pay our taxes we could lose our homes.

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