Hello everyone!  I am loving Metro Detroit so far, but there is so much more I have to explore.  One of my first adventures in the area included my favorite meal: BRUNCH.  I love Sunday brunch.  After asking folks where to go for the best meal of the week, many people suggested “Toast.” 

To put “Toast” to the test, I rounded up my co-workers to check it out with me.  I was a little disappointed that they didn’t take reservations and it is a first-come first seated basis.  We ended waiting about an hour for a table for 10.  But the staff was very courteous and attentive during our wait.

Once we were seated, my mouth watered just reading the menu.  I could NOT decide on just one dish, so I decided to stretch my stomach muscles and got ready to eat a lot!

My order consisted of:  Greek Omelet…. with Southern Fried Cheese Grits, Jalapeño-Cheddar Challah and a side order of Hotcakes. 

Everyone’s eyes were on my food, no one was going to believe I could eat all that, but as you can see from the video, I put a BIG dent in the dish!

Before I ate: Watch the Facebook video.

syma toast brunch Symas Video Review Of Brunch At Toast Birmingham

Facebook video (credit: WWJ-TV/Syma Chowdhry)

After I ate: Watch the Facebook video.

syma toast plate Symas Video Review Of Brunch At Toast Birmingham

Facebook video (credit: WWJ-TV/Syma Chowdhry)

It was WELL WORTH the $20-something dollars and one hour wait.  I would definitely go to “Toast” again for Sunday Brunch.

And just in case you were wondering….. I did not eat another meal that whole day.

“Toast” may very well have “toasted” the competition.

For more information on the restaurant go to http://www.toastbirmingham.com/

I am always looking for suggestions and must-see locations.  Let me know! Leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter @FFMSyma.

Comments (2)
  1. Leonard says:

    If it’s food you love, there is a place you need to go to, but when it gets warmer. It is on Commerce lake, and you can sit on the patio overlooking the lake. It’s awesome. here is the address.

    2323 Union Lake Road
    Commerce Twp, MI 48382-3553
    (248) 360-4150

    1. Leonard says:

      Sorry Syma, I did not leave the name of it.. lol It’s a matter of taste is the name of the restaurant.

      Leonard :-)

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