DETROIT (WWJ) – Fox News commentator Glenn Beck is taking a big swipe at Detroit — comparing the city to Hiroshima after it was hit by an atomic bomb.

Beck said Hiroshima was able to rebuild after decades of work.

“But take a look at Detroit today,” Beck said. “One city embraced the free-market system and the entrepreneurial spirit; the other embraced progressive policies and corrupt government and unions and companies that weren’t allowed to fail and they should’ve failed cause they stunk on ice.”

Beck was critical of the government’s auto industry bailout, Detroit’s poverty and graduation rates, and the Democratic leadership in the city over the past half-century.

Beck, though, mistakenly identified Ford as getting a government bailout — a bailout that began under President Bush.

Tuesday, members of the Detroit City Council had a few choice comments for the conservative talk show host. “This attack, mindless attack, on Detroit and the auto industry, we ought not stand for it,” JoAnn Watson said.

“Glenn Beck’s an idiot,” said Ken Cockrel.

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