Auburn Hills-based, a fiscal health and planning tool popular with local units of government, is now available to the general public via smartphones like iPhone,  BlackBerry, Android and others.

According to Richard Brown, co-founder of Munetrix LLC, the URL has been set up as a smartphone-enabled Web site so it is easy to view, and has the ability to provide an address, phone number and Google Map to every city hall in the state. 

“With advances in technology, there are often spin-offs that come as a byproduct to the creation of something new,” Brown said.  “In this case, we used a platform called to give us a new way to put already-published yet scattered information into one convenient location for public access on smartphones.”

The Munetrix parent site is a newly-released fiscal management and transparency tool for Local Units to use in managing the financial challenges facing them. This tool was developed to add a level of simplicity and visibility to Key Performance Indicators that are being called for by Governor Snyder. Since taking office, he has challenged communities to benchmark and collaborate to save money and to compete for heralded revenue sharing dollars.

Munetrix allows a municipality to build forward-looking financial information, something typically not done across smaller government units. In addition, Munetrix publishes this enhanced data in real time, “in the cloud,” with simple-to-understand dynamic charting and graphing. 

Spreadsheet analysis is a terrible way to look at numbers, says Brown, so Munetrix paints a clearer picture of the data so even non-financial stakeholders can understand it. With the new Governor’s mandate to build multi-year budgets, this gives municipal managers a top-down approach that can save time and headaches.

Munetrix was formed by Richard Brown and Bob Kittle as a tool for use in their individual consultancy practices, The Kittle Group and Quantum Leap. These companies have more than 25 years of experience developing and implementing highly-successful strategic planning and analytical initiatives for small to Fortune 500 companies, including public sector organizations.


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