A 34-year-old man who Warren police say killed his father was arrested Wednesday afternoon after hours of searching for him.

Officers foundDonald Kinnie, 61, dead Wednesday morning in a bathroom at his home on Madison Street, near 12 Mile and Hoover. He had been hit in the head, according to police.  

Police Commissioner Jere Green tells WWJ a call came in around 8 a.m. from a friend of a person who said he had killed his father.

“There was an indication that possibly a son had caused some harm to his father, initial call said he had killed his father,” Green said.  “We responded set up a perimeter and we made phone contact originally, didn’t really know who we were talking too and then that person hung up on us.”

“Jason contacts his mother and tells his mother that ‘I killed dad.’ And tells his mother that he’s had it. They were arguing about an unknown topic and that he killed his father,” said Green.

Police found 34-year old Jason Kinnie hiding in his attic. He is being held at the Warren police station.

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  1. concerned neighbor says:

    I’m glad you found him. No matter how angry you are, or what ever the argument. Murder or Violence is NEVER the answer.

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