Theron’s Blog: Why All The Hate?

On Stoney and Bill today, Stoney found a list of the most hated players in NBA history, and Isiah Thomas was #1. So we spun that into the most hated Detroit athlete of all time. And to the shock of Bill and me, Grant Hill’s name kept coming up via ticket text. For the life of me I cannot figure out why so many people hated Grant Hill. He was the best player on a really bad Pistons team and truly the only reason I watched Pistons basketball in the late 90’s. Hill had 10 triple-doubles in the 1995-96 season, 13 in 1996-97. In Hill’s 1st 6 season in the NBA he had 9,393 points, 3,147 rebounds and 2,720 assists. Only Oscar Robinson, Larry Bird and Lebron James had had more in their 1st 6 seasons.

I know that the trade to move Hill out of Detroit brought us Big Ben and that then led to our great run. But to say the Hill is one of the most hated people in Detroit sports is just crazy in my opinion. Grant will always be loved by me.

  • David

    Grant’s departure reminded me in some ways how Lebron left Cleveland. But Grant did it in a more classy way. But in the end they turned their backs on the cities that loved them.

  • coachingtrain

    Grant should not be hated. Very surprising to me as well.

    • Mike

      I think people hate Grant Hill because he is a Duke Blue Devil at the root. People in SE Michigan, particularly Wolverine fans hate Duke. I think they got tired of seeing Duke pound the FLOP FIVE in the early 90’s. Go Duke!

  • Mr. D

    I gotta agree. There is no way Grant Hill tops Juan Gonzalez! No way.

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