DETROIT (WWJ) – The Metro Detroit Good Samaritans have been reunited with the people they helped save from a fiery car accident last month.

Kevin Esper and his fiance held an appreciation dinner for Beaumont Hospital emergency room nurse, Kayla Voss, her husband Jason, and three others, for their help in saving them, following the accident on I-94 near Harper.
With tears in her eyes, Kayla Voss says God put them together that day.

“I hoped to have this moment though it all, the gift I wanted to hear is that you and your family were okay, okay as you could possibly be from this, and I’m standing here looking at you today and you look fine to me, you look good,” says Voss.
Esper lost an arm in the accident and his fiance suffered bumps and bruises. All of the rescuers received certificates of appreciation. It was held at St. Johns Congregational Church in Detroit.

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  1. vicki sayers says:

    unbelievable! So much press for who? They must have called the press themselves to toot their own horns…arent the true heros unspoken heros? Why would you want to exploit the siutation for your own glory? What about the other people that helped in that incident? What are there names/ Where is there press conferences? How come nobody knows about them? If they would have called anbout themselves, would they have this much attewntion? People save people every day…police, fireman, nurses doctores…and on and on….those unseen unspoken heros are not calling the press to let them know what they do….unbelievable….time to stop this charrade. of false heroism

    1. PapaBear1 says:

      It is true that both of the “good samaritans” were married to others during their first romantic “valentine date”-how funny that the media claims they were celebrating the anniversary of their wedding. NOT TRUE! Not to take away from this collaberated act of kindness in which many others came to the rescue-but to call them heros? Maybe the Media should investigate and seek the story behind the story-much more interesting yet disturbing. The trail of destruction that these two Narcissistic glory hounds have left behind would keep you awake at night! And furthermore, I find it troubling that one of the “good samaritans” called this devine intervention when he doesn’t even believe in God. We should give glory and honor to those who perform these selfless, heroic acts every day and yet they do not seek out media attention for self gratification.

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