DETROIT (WWJ) – The possible banning of medical marijuana bars and clubs in Michigan is one step closer after legislation passed through a Senate Committee earlier Thursday. It now moves to the Senate.

Attorney James White in Lansing has represented a number of people involving medical marijuana cases and feels it is wasted time.

“It’s legislation focused on something that does not exist, which is unfortunate at a time when we are dealing with budget issues and cuts in schools, cuts to police and the cuts to public employees benefits, that Senator Jones has so much time to focus on what I would consider a ghost crime,” says White.

White says he thinks the legislation represents a minority of zealous politicians and ex-police who are trying to over-ride what’s been approved by a majority of the people in Michigan.

“It’s an example of a very small zealous minority of politicians and police or ex-police officers, I guess, who are using their pulpits to override or attempt to override what’s been the overwhelming approval of medical marijuana,” says White.


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