(Detroit-WWJ)  Gov. Rick Snyder’s tough budget proposals apparently aren’t going down well with some Michigan voters.

According to a just-released poll by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA, the Republican governor’s approval rating has fallen to 44 percent. Twenty-seven percent of 600 likely voters surveyed have an unfavorable view of Snyder. The poll was conducted for the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV, Channel 7.

Shortly after taking office in early January, an EPIC-MRA poll gave Snyder a 39 percent favorable rating, with just eight percent viewing the businessman-turned-politician in an unfavorable light.

Snyder has proposed elimating tax breaks on private and public pensions as a way of paring down Michigan’s budget deficit. The survey shows 53 percent of respondents opposed to the plan, while 41 percent support it.

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  1. REBEL says:

    Snyder is a business man and business men have to balance their budgets so some people will not like the tough stands Snyder is taking. Our state and our country are in deep financial trouble and some people just don’t understand that you must balance your budget. All the ones against Snyder probably have been living on government subsidies or handouts and have never learned how to manage their own money. We all have to learn to manage our financial responsibilities as money does not (as many think) grow on trees.

  2. Jim says:

    Rick is doing what he promised. Those against his ideas offer no opinions or solutions except to say tax the other guy, not me. Move to another State, but research first to see what their policies are. Definitely move if you have been feeding at the public trough all these years while Jennie was in office. Notice how long it took her to leave the sinking ship.

  3. Gary says:

    Governor Snyder is doing waht must be done. Balance the budget. Discuss the proposals he has brought forward so that we can get our finacial house in order. We could start by limiting what our elected officials make. Perhaps that will appease those that want to keep everything the same. Also look for services currently being done by public workers and have private businesses perform that work.

  4. Tim says:

    OK let me review were we are at…
    1. The SBE 2008 has Mich Corporate Income tax 9th out of 50 states
    a. 0 thru 4th states are at 0
    b. 5th to 9th are 1% difference
    2. to lower the tax rate to the corporations we are going to:
    a. raise taxes on the elderly
    b. raise taxes on the poor
    c. reduce the money to the cities
    d. take money from the education system
    e. take money from the collages
    I’m I missing something…………..
    Like a sanity check……………

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