DETROIT (WWJ) – Members of Jobs with Justice gathered at Hart Plaza to rally for the creation of a national federal jobs program.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne spoke with Kay Hellenan, who helped organize the event.

“In Detroit we still realize how many people are without jobs, nationally we still have millions of people without jobs, so while we are moving in the right direction, there is a lot more to do, so we figured this would be a good time to let people know, in the area, that our voices should be heard,” says Hellenan.

“A lot of other sectors of the economy, the banks, have gotten bailed out, the rich people have gotten their tax breaks, and the people without jobs need to get some help. There is this idea we have in our country that there is nothing this country can do, but that is totally wrong,” says one protestor in the crowd. 

These protestors believe that the government can and should do more to solve the persistent unemployment problems plaguing the state.

“Unemployment in Detroit is very similar to what it was in the depression and if we wait for the private sector wants to hire people, I’m afraid we’ve got a lot longer to wait in Michigan,” notes another protestor in Detroit.

The protestors say that millions of jobs could be created like the New Deal. They are also calling for a moratorium on foreclosures, evictions and utility shut-offs.

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    Just what the taxpayers need, bigger government and more taxes to pay for bigger government. This is a losing situtation and will not fly with the public who has to foot the bill for more government workers. Nope!

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