KALAMAZOO (WWJ) – Two Kalamazoo County sheriff’s deputies who yanked a woman from her car by her hair have been cleared of using excessive force.

Sheriff Rick Fuller says the deputies believed Michelle Selbee was an armed suspect who had been shooting at officers.

Fuller says that an investigation by authorities from outside Kalamazoo County cleared the deputies.

According to Fuller, the officers believed they were in danger.

Selbee is surprised to hear the deputies have been cleared. She has a civil lawsuit pending.

Comments (3)
  1. J. Thompson says:

    Ridiculous. If government officials really want the trust and assistance of citizens they have to stop inventing justifications to clear cops of unwarranted and/or illegal behavior against citizens. Officials cannot have a standard that automatically gives cops godlike status when they are pitted against citizens.

    1. mona capri says:

      I would be upset too if I was that citizen but…pulling hair not that horrible. If your loved one was a cop what would you have them do in that situation?

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