It’s a huge issue in  Metro Detroit and nationwide…home foreclosures.  Some people have taken their frustrations out on the homes they lost.

W-W-J’s Beth Fisher saw a home in Ferndale where the former homeowner used red spray paint on the walls….writing “I need to take care of my responsibility..I owe 62-thousand dollars.”  The realtor , who’s now trying to sell that bungalow for 19-thousand dollars said he wishes that’s all people did was spray paint the walls…that many have stripped the homes.

Oakland County treasurer Andy Meisner says we continue to see an alarming number of foreclosures, 10-thousand in Oakland County last year.

“They don’t seem to be slowing down, and so as each of these properties become foreclosed, families are losing their home.  And, then something I’m very concerned about as county treasurer is that the property values tank and the revenues that are based on those property values go down as well.”

Sherry , of Waterford, has appealed a few times to try to save her house.

“Very frustrated with the mortgage company. I, I really feel like I’ve got a lot of friends that have modified their loans and have had no problem at all working with smaller banks and when I, I’m working with a large bank…they have not worked with me at all.”

There are home foreclosure prevention programs in the area.  In Wayne County, Jamele Hage runs the program, saying it’s in the lenders’  best interest to work with people to modify their loans or help them have a dignified exit.


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