LANSING (WWJ) – State Senator Bert Johnson is returning to work Tuesday after injuring his hand in a snow blower, pit bull accident.

Johnson’s return comes not a day too late, as a rally is planned in Lansing for lawmakers to vote on legislation covering emergency financial managers in the state.

Johnson said he wants to make sure he is there to casts his vote against the emergency financial manager bill.

“This whole issue of allowing people to come in, in a czar-like fashion and disband union contracts and the like… I think this country works best when we negotiate those contracts and make them work because we all sit down at the table,” Johnson said.

johnson bert hand6 Injured State Senator Returns To Work

Bert Johnson's injured hand. (WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

In February, Johnson’s hand got caught in a snow blower while he was being attacked by a pit bull outside his home in Highland Park. 

“The last thing I expected was that, when I went out to shovel snow on that Monday that me and the dog would have a dance that ended up in me loosing a couple of fingers,” he said.

Johnson said his injured hand is getting better, but is still very painful.

Comments (3)
  1. Charles C. Primas says:

    More reason to ban Pit Bulls from urban areas.

  2. Darlene Johnson says:

    Glad you are recovering. Hope the pain will diminish at a rapid rate. Like your stance on the political issue.

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