Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 3-8-11

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It’s Paczki Day! What Do People Have In Their Paczskis?
-Jim in Detroit: The 2008 Lions have…nothing
-Paul in Windsor: Charlie Weis has a full 7-course meal in his
-Geoff: Don’t know what’s in it, but the hole was made by the Bills’ Wang
-Michigan Guy: Mine is filled with Valenti’s tears, that taste like sweet ice cream
-Brent: A Michigan football sideline reporter tried to fill his with Juice, but was repeatedly denied
-Justin at work: There’s a hot dog in Lady Gaga’s paczski
-Tim in Lapeer: Rex Ryan’s is filled with toe jam
-Karl at work: Actually, Charlie Weiss’ paczski is filled with 3 more paczskis
-J2 at work: Kim Kardashian’s paczski is filled by NFL players

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