Ex-Police Chief Testifies In Greene Case

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit’s former police chief says she never intentionally purged e-mails related to the investigation of a slain stripper.

Ella Bully-Cummings was called to testify in federal court, Wednesday, about whether e-mails relating to the investigation of slain stripper Tamara Greene were destroyed.

The family of Greene is suing, claiming the city blocked the investigation into her 2003 death.

Although Kilpatrick has already testified that the murder was not a subject of any emails, Green family attorney Norman Yatooma says he wants his own I-T people to investigate.

“The e-mails were there. The IT department says they weren’t deleted.  The users said they weren’t deleted.  They should have been produced. They weren’t. We’ll never know what they said,” Yatooma said.

“I recognize everybody got up on the stand and said they were totally benign, they didn’t say anything about anything related to your case. Would anybody here expect them to say differently?” he said.

Other witnesses, Wednesday,  include former mayoral bodyguards Mike Martin and Lorenzo Jones.

  • IthinkIam

    Give it a rest, Norman!! Do you really believe that every one was so infatuated with Tamara Greene that they emailed each other? If you did not find it in the text messages, you are reaching and grasping at air.

    • curly

      Norm doesn’t believe anyone iis, or was, “infatuated” with Ms. Greene. He simply believes, as many conscious people do, that some one, or all of them hid, destroyed, or lied about evidence. Given that this cabal of public servants have raised the art of lying to a classical art form, I don’t think that Yatooma’s inquiries are unreasonable..

      Personally, I ‘know’ that they are lying, concealing and coniniving. Waterboarding should be next fpr this motley crew of pirates.

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