Today is Chuck Norris’ 71st birthday. What can you expect to see at the birthday party?
-Othell: Chuck Norris will do 71 pushups with his hands tied behind his back
-TR in Southfield: Jim Tressel knew it was Chuck Norris’ birthday, but didn’t know who to give a present to.
-Amado: Chuck Norris won’t blow out the candles. He’ll just stare at them until they blow themselves out.
-Marc from Troy: There will be no doors at the Chuck Norris birthday party venue, only walls to walk through.
-Dave in Grand Blanc: Chuck Norris’ candles will be dynamite
-Denny in Troy: Chuck Norris’ birthday party had a noise complaint. But when the cops showed up, the COPS tried to talk their way out of it.
-Kevin: Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose the guests will play Duck, Duck, Roundhouse Kick
-Greg in Wyandotte: For his birthday, Chuck Norris is visiting The Virgin Islands. Tomorrow, they will just be called The Islands
-Tim in Chesterfield: Someone bought Chuck Norris a calendar for his birthday, but had to black-out April 1st. Because NO ONE surprises Chuck Norris.
-Tommy: At his birthday party, Chuck Norris gave each guest punch. Then a kick.


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