State Worker Same-Sex Benefits In Jeopardy

LANSING (WWJ) – Same sex benefits for state workers are on the line in Lansing.

The Michigan Senate voted to kill a healthcare benefit for state workers who have live-in friends and their kids.

State Senator Mark Jansen said the provision is too costly.

“(The) private sector does nothing like this. There’s no other governmental units out there that anybody can find that do anything even remotely close to this,” Jansen said. “It’s really farfetching [sic]. It’s really a bad time for us in many respects, but economically is really the issue.”

The Michigan house will be next to vote on whether or not to kill the healthcare benefit.

  • Nat Reader

    This is a stupid comparison. True same sex couples are not “live in friends”.

    Way to make a domestic partnership something that is no more than staying with your college roommate.

    What an idiotic association. The private sector all over the country provides health benefits to domestic partners.

    • pokey

      not in springfield illinois! thank goodness we are getting civil unions!

    • Charles Rigdon

      No, actually they don’t. Maybe a select few do, but by and large it is cost prohibitive.

      • Temok

        According to fortune magazine ratings and the Human Rights Campaign, 57% of Fortune 500 companies provide domestic partner benefits. And the findings show that it doesn’t cost any more to cover domestic partners than it does to cover married couples. But, I do agree that if the current language of the benefits doesn’t have some type of stipulation to have a qualified domestic partner, it should be re-written. This coverage shouldn’t apply to just anyone.

  • Zebula

    I agree, Nat.

    Perhaps allowing gay marriage would help companies see that same-sex partners are permanent and not just friends taking advantage.

    Their coming for you next, heteros. Take a stand.

    • frank

      ‘Hetros’ — I guess thats better than calling us ‘breeders’

    • sumday

      with over 5000yrs of marriage and tradition I think us hetros will somehow survivie- I mean in theory 1 generation later we would be the only ones left.

  • Angela

    My husbands company has partners benefits.

  • BarbA

    Of course their coming for us. They’re coming for everybody. Just look at Wisconsin. The Republicans never change. And yes, Senator Jansen is a Republican. Surprise, surprise! If you aren’t wealthy enough to buy Republican support, get ready to live to serve. Why this isn’t self-evident to the working people who vote Republican is beyond me, but it seems to be a factor of pushing single issue “us against them” position points. “Those” welfare families live off “our” taxes, “those” gays want to destroy “our” hetrosexual marriages, and on and on. Get used to it, because they’ll never stop appealing to the small and mean spirit that lives in almost all of us.

    • BarbA

      Sorry, “their” should be “they’re.” Fury tends to wreck my spelling.

    • sumday

      1st Dems are no different! The whole system is outdate and now serves to divide forces 1 to be a single issue voter- I have several views but I’m forced to pick the ones that matter most and must vote for that- it really is like do you want food or water but you only get one. I’ve said for some time now we need to take away congresses ability to pass budgets/policy/laws and only allow them to write them- the people vote on every thing if we reject it they have to keep working and writing until we do pass it. But saying Repulicans are any different or aren’t part of the same ploy is just being gulible- and fury has nothing to do with my spelling it just sucks naturaly and my is calling so I don’t feel like copying and spell checking.

  • Sandi

    Truly sad and a set back that same sex partners are referred to as live infriends. Their true commitment to each other is underscored by this statment. GLBT people should not be treated like second class citizens. Different laws and benefits based on sexuality is a gross display of discrimantion. Might as well bring back Jim Crow laws. When will people see that being human is being human. All our differences are what makes life enteresting. We have a long way to go before all American citizens experience the same equality and freedoms as others.

  • HP

    Personally, I am a fiscally conservative, socially more liberal Independent who was a registered Republican. I could care less if two consenting adults want to marry each other. Let them have all the same rights, responsibilities and heartbreak as the rest of us.

    • sumday

      they have less responsibiltiy- they never have to worry about having kids (you know those small humans that will be paying our national debt when we are gone) or about having stay together for the sake of the kids. But I’m with you I could care less what consenting adults do

      • HP

        If they had the same rights and responsibilities, they could adopt. They can use a surrogate to have children, as many (Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris) have done. If they are both female, one of the women can be artificially inseminated (Rosie O’Donnel, Melissa Ethredge). Many many same sex couples have children.

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