LANSING (WWJ) – Unable to pass Governor Rick Snyder’s pension tax, Senate Republicans are now exploring new options to create revenue.

They are entertaining the idea of a so-called “hybrid pension tax.” The hybrid tax would be reduced to take half of Synder’s original amount from senior’s pension checks and perhaps raise the business tax a little more to come up with new revenue.

Randy Richardville, Senate Republican Leader, said the hybrid tax is quite likely to take form.

“That’s a possibility. I don’t think that’s off the table at all. I would think that there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be someplace in between the two,” Richardville said.

However, Gretchen Whitmer, Senate Democratic Leader, said she is not a fan of this hybrid tax option at all.

“It’s a tax shift. There’s no other way of saying it. And it’s a tax shift on the people who can afford at least in order to pad bottom lines of businesses with no guarantee that they create jobs or invest in Michigan, ” Whitmer said.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said the bottom line is that there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass the Snyder pension tax, which is why the republican party has been looking for a modified approach instead.

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  1. bestporacticeR says:

    If the governor wants to raise revenues by taxing, I dont understand why he doesnt look out those that are operating these gas stations in this state and living here tax free. Let them feel like real tax paying citizens and see what that means for a change. No tax should be imposed un those receiving their pension and trying to make their ends meet., That is just unamerican and unheard of. There is nothing new about creating hardships for people but we have been there and we have done that and now wer were trying to get on with our lives hoping for something better until this so called “bestpractice” person opened his bags of tricks. He actually stands there saying “Watch Me”

  2. Forest Smith says:

    People make me laugh.. I am reminded of the story of the scorpian that took a ride across the water from its prey promising not to bite it. And the when across he bit his pray and the prey looked stunned and said ” why did you do that” and the scorpian replied “that’s what I do and that is who I am” Women, old folks, poor white people vote for the Republicans knowing good and well that you are the prey.. but you think that because they appear to be your friend against your common enemy, blacks, latinos, gays and arabs they won’t bite you. and they do everytime

  3. Sally says:

    bestporacticeR I don’t know who you mean that operating gas stations and live here tax free. The first part of your post does not make sense to me, In the future, use spell checker and reread before you send. When I tried to read Snyder’s points on his web page during the elections, I could not finish reading. He made wonderful sounding statements: such as “I want quality schools” but there were not any details on how to get quality schools. That is why I did not vote for him.

  4. Bruce says:

    The first person was referring to the immigrants who don’t pay taxes for the first five years here. If you want to live in this country you should pay taxes from day one like everyone else. If snyder wants to tax pentions it should be at a higher level of pention income. People who make $20,000. in pention does not have a lot of extra money the way prices keep rising.

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