New Bill To Reduce State Wireless Taxes And Fees

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DETROIT (WWJ) – New legislation has been introduced in the US Congress that is designed to put more money in your pocket and less on your wireless bill.

John Walls, of The Wireless Association in Washington, spoke with WWJ Newsradio 950 about the details of the bill.

“The wireless tax service act would put a five-year freeze on any new and discriminatory wireless taxes and fees on our bills and keep the existing taxes and fees from going up,” Walls explained.

Wall said that Michigan consumer cell service taxes are more than double the rate for other taxable goods and services.

“We think they’ve gone over the top in how they’ve singled out wireless consumers and hit them up for taxes and fees that are more than double what you pay in general sales tax rate,” Walls said. “That’s not right.”

Recent reports show that Michigan consumers pay almost 13% in wireless  taxes and fees.

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