YPSILANTI (WWJ) – One in a series of public meetings being helped by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the issue of preventing the spread of  Asian Carp took place in Ypsilanti this week.

John Goss is the Asian Carp Director with the Department of Environmental Quality at the White House. He says a study is underway into how to control the spread of Asian Carp.

Concern the exotic species could make its way into the Great Lakes, wreaking havoic with the ecosystem was raised -the fish getting into the water near Chicago prompted use of a toxic substance.

“A couple of times already in Chicago where we were concerned that we might have a population developing, they’ve done two treatments and did not turn up any carp above the electric barrier … so we are looking at other things that might interfere with their reproductive activities,” Goss says.

Goss says there’s bi-partisan support for efforts to contain the
spread of Asian Carp which can drive out native aquatic species.

He says he had concerns that a population might be developing. However, that turned out not to be true–at least not yet.


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