I took my fiancé to the Wings game on Friday night for our anniversary. I love going to Wings games, it always seems like the people that I sit near are always nice and fun to chat with. Working on morning radio does put a damper on some sporting events though; case in point was on Friday night. I wake every weekday at 3am and am at the station by 4am, well on a normal day I am in bed by 10pm. Well Friday was a really long day and I decided to leave the Wings game when there was about 2 minutes left in the 3rd period. I wanted to beat traffic and I was falling asleep during breaks in the action. Well if you watched the game Friday you know that The Wings scored with 25 seconds left in the game and then scored again in overtime for the win…. And I missed it all. I was driving down 96 listening to it all on the radio. I felt horrible, I knew I was missing something great, hell I am still mad at myself. What are the rules on leaving games early and have you missed anything due to leaving a game early?

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  1. Ian says:

    Never leave a Wings game early. Lions-go ahead, pistons-sure, tiges-might as well. But the Wings? Never leave a hockey game early.

    1. I learned that lesson the hard way on Friday

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