BLOOMFIELD HILLS (WWJ) – It is a hot-button issue that focuses on a growing problem all around the country — kids falling prey to bullies.

A special seminar in Bloomfield Hills on Tuesday night is designed to help students, parents and teachers deal appropriately with bullying. The seminar is called, “25 ways to Bully Proof Children in the 21st Century.”

According to one of the event’s organizers Kimber Bishop-Yankee, parents play a vital role in helping their children with bullying.

“The more information and learning that parents can have to help their children build their self-esteem and confidence and learn to stand up for themselves, the more they can help their children prevent these situations,” Bishop-Yanke said.

Bishop-Yanke, founder of the “Kids Empowered” program, will be one of many who will present workshops at the event. She explained the philosophy of teaching kids to be assertive is the best way to deal with bullying situations.

“We want kids to try three times to try to stand up for themselves. and then if that doesn’t work, we want them to go to a teacher. So we’ll be giving what we call back pocket responses to things that kids can say when somebody is mean to them,” Bishop-Yanke said.

The seminar will take place Tuesday at 7 pm, at the Max M. Fisher Federation Building in Bloomfield Hills.

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  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    High self esteem and overly assertive behavior is a huge problem here too. Some kids are not taught respect for others, courtesy and normal deportment from their parents. America is a very aggressive country. Uncontrolled adrenal hysteria is not an intelligent way to live. Physical fighting and offensive attacks must be removed from the playground or it will end up in the work place when the kid grows to an adult.

    The real target of this program should be identifying and modifying the bully’s behavior and his/her parent’s responsibility

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