Undocumented students held a demonstration in downtown Detroit, Tuesday, to express their frustration with the lack of progress on immigration issues.

Chanting, “Unafraid, undocumented,” students, including  21-year-old Dayanna, said they want both the federal government and state legislature to approve immigrant friendly legislation.

“I’m coming out to support the undocumented youth who frequently live in fear,” Dayanna said.

“I’m actually doing this for my family, for my cousins, for all of my family that’s undocumented, for all these kids — to empower the undocumented youth to really not be afraid. Because, if we’re all united, we can really make a difference,” she said.

Latina Activist Eusebia Aquino-Hughes joined the students in front of the Spirit of Detroit for the demonstration. She said President Barack Obama is not fulfilling his campaign promise to address the immigration problem.

“President Obama has let the community down, the Latino community. Sixty-eight percent of us voted for him, and we don’t know what’s happening with President Obama. He has let us down,” Aquino-Hughes said.

The students are also upset with members of the Michigan Legislature for recently introducing who they say is an Arizona-style anti-immigrant bill.


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