Bill’s Blog: Ke$ha’s Body Is Gro$$

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Bud Light Hotel Hosts Performances By Nelly, Ke$ha And Pitbull

For those of you familiar with the singer Ke$ha, not only is her music and singing ability in question, but her appearance is horrid! If you’re a pop star in your mid-twenties, shouldn’t you have enough money for a trainer and a fashion consultant? Doesn’t Ke$ha care that she appears to be wearing a post-surgical bathing suit?. Seriously, try this, position your hand in such a way as to cover her face and chest…doesn’t that look like it could be one of your pasty uncles on the beach? Ugh!…good thing she has a nice face. Oh wait, I still had my hand on the screen.

Check out all the photos of her in a bikini by clicking here

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