The only over-the-counter asthma inhaler sold in the U.S. is being taken off the shelves beginning next year. The FDA says Primatene Mist will be gone because it contains CFC’s, which damages the earth’s ozone layer.

Dr. Devang Doshi with Beaumont Children’s Hospital, told WWJ he’s pleased with the FDA’s decision.

“The safety of this medication is in question, because many patients clearly self-medicate. They may have breathing concerns or issues and they don’t seek the advice of their healthcare provider,” he said.

“They may not, in fact, truly have asthma, and then are self-medicating with a medication that can potentially be harmfull, which is way many of us don’t like this medication available,” Doshi said.

Doshi said there is a possibility they will replace the drug.

“That’s what they’ve done with most asthma medications that are prescription-based, to an alternative propellant called HFA or  hydrofluoroalkane. I hope they don’t. That’s just my personal bias,” he said.

Doshi said anyone who feels they may have respiratory problems should see a doctor to get the correct prescription.

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  1. lloyd says:

    Since you are directly inhaling the mist no cfc”s are being put into the environment.
    This is bul!l The drug company’s want to sell prescription products that cost more.

  2. Dylan Lee says:

    what about sporadic attacks due to cold symptoms, when you don’t need a constant prescription. Or when you need an immediate effect for emergencies, a pill just won’t react quick enough.

  3. Dylan Lee says:

    I agree, and they still sell hairspray, carbuerator cleaner,brake cleaner, spray paint, which all contain cfc’s and are used more regularly.

  4. Jack Hardin says:

    I believe those persons exercising their authority to ban Primatene Mist are not asthmatics and therefore are using their powers to remove a product that has proven to be a lifesaver. This would of course include Dr. Devang Doshi who says he is pleased with the decision. I have suffered from bronchial asthma for 60 years and began treatment with the prescription drug, Isoprel. When it was no longer available I tried many other prescription drugs, but none of them had any effect on my asthma attacks. I have been searching for months to find a replacement medicine when I can no longer obtain Primatine Mist, but I can’t find it. Most likely will find it available from another country on the internet. Perhaps Canada. If anyone knows of a replacement, please let me know at

  5. Narek says:

    This is wrong! Albuterol & Levalbuterol Hydrocloride are very different from Primatene Mist. They are adrenergic beta 2 agonists and Primatene Mist is epinephrine, which is adrenaline. Taking Albuterol & Levalbuterol made my asthma a lot worse and I had to find my old Primatene Mist to save me. I had had a paradoxical reaction.

    Without Primatene MIst, my life will be ruined. This action will cause people to die. It will be like going back in the dark ages with asthma, they sufferered a lot! :(

  6. My husband suffers from asthma daily & has working cedar asthma. He has been to a specialist of the University of Washington. The only thing he is able to use is primatene mist. Without it I dont know what he will do (die perhaps) they should replace it with an envirmental safety. Thank You Diane Swan

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