Sara’s Blog: Down Goes The Bully

An Australian kid was tired of being bullied so he turned the tables on his attacker. The video of the encounter has taken over the internet and is a little startling to see. Unlike most set ups, the bully in this case is younger and smaller than the classmate he has been tormenting. The larger and older student goes all WWE on the situation and body slams his slim bully to the ground. Both boys walked away from the fight (even though the bully walked away with quite a pimp limp) and were not severely harmed. The younger kid (“You started it”) has been given a 21 day suspension and the older kid (“I ended it”) has to sit out for four days.

Click HERE to see the video

  • Tommy Colosi

    Sorry Sara, as awesome as this story was, turns out the big kid was the bull and had peed in the little kids back back, he finally stood up for himself, and got slammed on the concrete

  • Michael

    source please

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