LANSING (AP) – An estimated 35,000 Michigan residents could lose their extended unemployment benefits early next month unless the state Legislature changes criteria related to the assistance.

The extended benefits come through a federally funded program that provides up to 20 weeks of payments to unemployed people who have exhausted their state benefits.

Democrats in the Michigan House on Wednesday failed in an attempt to adopt a substitute to a bill so it would make the necessary changes in state law to continue the federal benefits.

Republican Rep. Jim Stamas of Midland says that discussions are ongoing with Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration and the Republican-led Senate about the issue.

Michigan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 10.7 percent in January, lower than a year ago but above the national average. 
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Comments (2)
  1. Ken says:

    Good! Let there lazy buts get a job like the rest of us. Quit being lazy and sucking on the tax payers that do work. Im glad to hear it. Unemployement makes people lazy. Two weeks is enough time to find a job. Most of them just use the money to buy cigarettes anyway. Get a Job!

  2. M. D says:

    I hope you know that taxes are taken out of unemployment checks too. Ken.

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