ROSEVILLE (WWJ) – A Roseville woman and two of her relatives face life in prison, accused in the beating death of the woman’s live-in boyfriend. 

The 51-year old Yvonne Chambers, 51, along with her brother-in-law, 50 year-old Donald Johnston, and nephew, 30 year-old Bradley Johnston, were arraigned on charges of second-degree murder.

Police said Chambers commissioned the two men to beat  50 year-old Joseph Cusson.  Cusson was left unconscious on the kitchen floor for about 19 hours until Chambers called paramedics.  He was in a coma until died last week.

The suspects were held Macomb County Jail, originally charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, until the time of Cusson’s death.

Wednesday, all three suspects faced Judge Catherine Steenland of the 39th District Court where they stood mute to the new charges. Bond for all three suspects was set at $500,000, pending a preliminary examination date of April 20 at 1 p.m.

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  1. Kimberly Johnston says:

    Bradley is my husband and these charges and this story is FALSE!! This is NOT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!

    1. Doe John says:

      hmmmmm i wonder now after what have just heard family related!!! i am sorry though for what your family is going threw. but that was not quite what the ex husband had to say about the matter at hand!!

    2. Doe John says:

      and i believe you kimberly, i feel for what you guys are going threw and very very sorry for your exsperience as well! they need a pormanant attorney for one, a damn good one i might add!! hopefully they have that already, i feel badly for J and Y and the mother of them, damn that is hard on her, i hope she is ok though. some people out here are just rude, every household has some kind of bs going on inside of it period!! my prayers are with you and the family. guardian angel!!!!!

    3. YBDRMurderes says:

      I believe he is your EX-husvand, he deserves to rot in jail, and you are white trash, get a life.

  2. Doe John says:

    what you have here is what they call takeing the law into ones own hands, and see you never no may or may not lead!!! apearently none of the individuals were intelligent what so ever, 19 hours if that were true! i mean what were you thinking of regaurdless of what that mas said if he did come to and apoligize, i would of said you need medical attention period and just called the ems. then you wouldnt be lookin at suck a circus ring of events. although i am fully aware of this family and it is a very good family. and there minds dont think at all in that mode. and the mother has played nothing but a very suportive stearn woman threw out her entire life to raise each and every kid to the best of her ability as a single parent. as every family every one has there dilemas with in. this i believe was a grave mistake made at trying to get a point across to the young man of battering a woman. and it was just took to far out of hand is all. i dont believe any of them intended that man to die period!! i have known them all my life. well the daughters, and one son! people are so easy to make there opinions as there going to anyhow not knowing a thing of that event. and you cant believe what you read in the media we all no that!! i am very very sorry for both familys involved. and the poor man that has passed away do to what ever the autopsy will reveal. sad sad sad, these people need a prayer not critisizum. only 2 to judge any one that would your honor, on that stand, and god above. leave these people alone if you cant say anything up lifting then keep your comments to your self. guardian angel!!!!!

  3. Doe John says:

    oh i was also reading some comment made from several people not affiliated and no nothing of these people involved that were plain right out rude, now i mean were is the compassion in our society? they are not trailer trash, for one, im sure this was not premeditated one bit, i once again will add to everyone reading these comments i cant stress enough on the internet is no place to find some one to fall in love with at all. we all no most if not all of them lie threw there teeth period. i mean look at the things we read up on kids and see on tv. why anyone would look out here for a companion has to be awfull lonely! just not a good place or idea to find love at all. yvonne chambers is a very compassionate woman and always has been will give you the shirt off her back, and will help anyone out in need. has a very strong family that will reach out to help anyone as well. there mother is a angel period! perfect well no one is perfect now are there. i wonder what bones would be rattling in many of these closets that are leaveing these bazzar comments of this incident. and these people! i do wish whole heartedly that this comes out ok for all involved. sad it wont for the one that is no longer with us though. that you cant bring back or take back is the only factor in this mishap. i say once again every sinner has a past and every saved person has a future, i say let the church say amen.. ( amen)

  4. Doe John says:

    lol i repeat once more that i think that people that live in glass houses aught not to throw any stones, look in your own back yard then judge if you think your qualified to! i think its just terrible that so many comment made out here are of such low intelligence. i no most of you didnt and couldnt of graduated, not possible! sure everyone is going to have a view. no problem but to bring it out like the way it is brought out is just sickening. oh well i say let the mallot fall were the mallot falls. i dont like to pass judgement never did. i have had judgement passed on me by others that had no buisnes passing it on me. oh well there loss i say, now i am althought a firm believer in karma, as im sure alot of you are as well. i wasnt there and dont no what transpired at all. help was called for and it arrived is all i can say, i always thought and correct me if im wrong that when there is a damestic violence situation the police takes that individule out of the house period no questions asked. why did this not happen if the police were called so many times. now theres a question i want answered! i no that happened to me one time and that person was removed immediately. and not allowed back in. so were did this case go wrong? oh well so many unanswered questions. its still sad and pittifull feel bad like i said for both familys. im sure justice will be done!

  5. Johnny D says:

    This family is the grossest trash I have ever seen. Just sitting in the same room as them makes my skin crawl, especially the old wrinkly old lady, looks like the witch from the little mermaid lol.. Do they not have jobs? haha probably all live off of welfare. What a joke, they were trying to get there bond reduced! What do they think this is monopoly?

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