Governor Gets Cool Reception From UAW Workers At Ford

DEARBORN (WWJ) – Ford unveils its transformed Michigan Assembly plant and the 2012 Ford Focus. But, as WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne reports, the event was upstaged by the greeting some workers gave the guest speaker, Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder was greeted by hundreds of Ford UAW workers wearing red tee-shirts emblazoned with ‘Soldarity With Wisconsin’ -along with a round of  “boo” to his comments.  Several of the workers walked out during the speech.

“I respect people for having different opinions particularly when you are talking about fundamental change and dramatic reform. It’s that old thing of human nature the first reaction typically can be negative for many people,” says Gov. Snyder.

Ford is opening the doors to the newly revamped facility after a $550 million dollar facelift where the Ford Focus will be produced.

osborne 03 17 11 0021 Governor Gets Cool Reception From UAW Workers At Ford

Wayne Assembly Plant (Credit: WWJ Marie Osborne).

“When you first have dramatic change, it’s difficult on people, but as we persevere and as we communicate, and we work on getting on the same page, and keeping a positive attitude,” says Snyder. “We’ll make this happen because it’s about Michiganders working and winning together.”

 Click on here to read Ford Motor Company announcement regarding employees in Japan.

  • frank t.

    all protesters who voted republican should put down their signs and go home. you voted for it. next time at the polls think hard about your working class families future.

    • Rob

      Frank GET A LIFE……to you guys at FORD …KUDOS …… I am an airline worker here in Altanta, Ga. who has no Union for my group and we worked it out as well. Of course there are always difficult moment but I commend you guys and your company for not pulling a tax payer bail-out and getting things turned around on your hard work. I only hope your company does you guys right …the way ours have so far with giving us back pay increases and bonuses based on profits to make up for what we gave back to help the company. Let’s face it….the system has changed. Don’t rely on retirements or medical as these benefit systems are no longer like our dads. You must take care of these areas yourself as we have all learned that depending on others for this is like social security. BROKE … instead look for better benefits…..focus on better wages and work on your 401 hard. Just my 2 cents here. Your company should share in the profits for your hard work to turn the company around and if they don’t they will suffer the same fate as GM and Chrysler. I was an avid chevrolet buyer until the bail-outs and now I will support your company. Don’t think others buyers in this country won’t forget how you guys did it on your own. Everyone has their opinion on Union representation but common sense and reality must prevail no matter what your choice.

    • ohyeah

      They will and then pat themselves on the back when the state learns to live within it’s means like the rest of us have to.

      • iskabbibble

        States are going broke. They are trying to deal with a growing population, crumbling infrastructures, less federal money for things such as education and social welfare programs. States can’t afford to foot the bill forever.And where do states get their money? Taxes from the people. No one wants higher state and property taxes, either. So when the states try to “live within their means” by asking state workers to pay a larger share of their benefits and limiting wage increases, the state government is the bad guy, for example, Wisconsin. The states are in trouble, and it will only get worse.

    • Ophelia

      Just because you vote for someone doesn’t mean you have to automatically agree with everything they try to put into action. Anyone who believes what Walker is doing is wrong has the right to voice their opinion.

    • snot

      Yes, now we are getting some good “change” that works, not the bs obama pushes. Unions protect the lazy.

    • shame789

      I aggree.. People just don’t understand. When will middle clsss Americans wake up and realized that the Repulblicans are for the rich and can give a jack splatt about ya.. I think they got what they deserve. I don’t feel sorry for no one.

    • SallySue

      the unions are the minority, not the majority, you have to cut back or we all go down. We are all going broke, someone has to make hard decisions, I think Rick Snyder is thinking of the best interest of the state, not like some of the other Democrats that spend money like thy have a tree in the backyard growing it!

      • rob

        If the richest 10% paid higher tax rates, then we wouldn’t have to blame the middle class. The tax brackets, as they are currently, unfairly give the lowest tax rates to the wealthiest Americans. Raising taxes on the rich is only hard when your election is backed by wealthy individuals with right wing interests such as the Koch brothers. It is interesting to note that the American unions are the largest contributor to the Democratic Party. What a coincidence. It is also interesting to note that American unions were formed during the Great Depression. During the great depression people made the same arguments against unions that are being made today. The rights that private sector employees enjoy, such as the 40 hour work week and workplace safety regulation, was created by the unions.

      • Joe

        Bull…politicians made the state broke,hold them responsible,not working families.

  • Firetree

    I think Gov. Snyder’s comments here indicate one of two possibilities. The first is that he is completely clueless as to the impact and legal impropriety of his actions. The second is that he’s very much aware, and doesn’t give a damn because he’s only concerned with pandering to the radical right. Either one is a shameful state of affairs.

    • ohyeah

      I’m not radical right, but you clearly are radical left and I don’t think there is anything wrong with making hard choices. Not everyone will like it but it has to be done. Unions are out of control and the majority of the people are not in Unions and that is the “majority”.

      • Tony

        You sound like you are angry. I think you are angry because you are not in union. What person would chose to work a non-union job where you make considerably less then a union employee. I mean……….. really??!!!!??? Unless you are a business owner..I don’t see how all this union busting works out for you.

        Oh, but you know what?…………its really not about that………what this fuss is really about is the fact that republicans don’t like unions because their members tend to vote democratic. Republicans would love to undermine the power of the unions for just that reason.

      • Ken Spud

        I believe that the first indicators of whether unions are out of control will be; 1; when corporate executives who manage the same employees as unions represent are paid the same amount of money as the union managers, and 2; When corporate profits and losses are shared and shared alike.

        I am sure that many will say that no one will work as an executive for those wages. That being the case, then the unions stand on the same footing.

      • ohyeah

        I hate to say it but better to pander to the radical right then the welfare left. The American way is not being taxed to death so some ridiculous egomaniacs can live “the life of riley” or generational welfare families can stay on the dole while the rest of us lose our homes, health insurance and other necessities so we can pay your wage! We are putting our foot down. No more, no more.

      • Thane

        How about making the ‘hard choice’ to respect American workers and the American Way?

      • ohyeah

        And most of us non-unions workers don’t give a damn about your greedy self entitled life style. In fact, on nearly every blog that refers to the union no matter the news site are anti-union. Hey Obama won’t even back ya! What a blow to your overblown egos.

  • Nathan K

    I think that both of your comments are absolutely ridiculous. The union’s are an absolute waste of money and resources. They protect below average workers that take up space and they also limit your career potentials. I do not have collective bargaining at my place of employment nor do I have to pay someone to do my whining for me. I bet you both are Obama supporters and one if not both of you are currently unemployed.

    • Bernard Forand

      Below average workers? Whoa what an ego. You don’t have a voice in your employment is due to inability to speak up even with that ego of yours. Obama supporters because of unemployment? Reaching a bit there. Could they also be from the next group of people that are facing death due to lack of health care. 45,000 a year and accelerating. While you provide Welfare Health Care to your illustrious leaders. Speak up sorry can’t hear you you are just one little whisper in the wind of the corporatist crowd. Just another hermit detached from society with your ego. Act is now taking donations for unions lawyers for the recall of these tin dictators.

    • Thane

      I’m not unemployed Nathan; I’ve been working for 50 years and I’m ready to retire. I thank God and American Un ions for making my retirement sustainable.If there were a Union for Whiners you’d be in it. Stop whining, join or create a Union and earn your rights.

    • Rainbo

      You might want to learn a little history before you make judgements. Without unions, we wouldn’t have 40 hour work weeks, breaks, child labor laws, and minimum wages.
      Those who forget the past deserve what they get.

      • iskabbibble

        @ohyeah – I agree. I worked for a large university and belonged to a union. They took a substantial amount of dues from their members, and basically did nothing. They were necessary in the 1930’s when they came out, but now that their are labor laws, unions have outlived their usefulness.

      • ohyeah

        Sure back in the day they helped but they were corrupt and are even worse now. My friends son worked for the grocers Union (in the Union office) is Washington State until recently. He was all gung ho, reading us the riot act when he first got the job. Knowing we were anti-union types. Still we supported him in his first job out of college. But after a couple months his tone changed considerably. He said the corruption was horrible and he hated his job because of that. The Unions have outlived there need. I say if you aren’t getting paid enough or don’t like your job, then quit or find another job. Problem solved.

    • Joe

      Another ridiculous statement by a know nothing jack off .

    • Joe

      Another ridiculous statement by a no nothing jack off .

  • ohyeah

    I think the union employees are completely clueless and mentally challenged. Clearly Wisconsin voted for this by majority. Majority rules, is a fundamental piece of democracy. So shut your pie holes, the majority of Wisconsin residents don’t want you to have collective bargaining rights. Is that too hard for you to get? If you want to change it, then lobby for it on the next election. – No, they won’t do that, because they will get the same results. – We are not paying you $30.00/hour to sweep the floor anymore, even if you have been there for 30 years. Get it! Get it!

    • Sean

      Clueless and mentally challenged? A very mature statement. You claim to be a parent? Wow. Hey kids! When you disagree with someone and can’t come up with an intelligent statement just resort to juvenile, unoriginal name calling. You can also make statements not based on fact. If Wisconsin is like Ohio half the registered voters didn’t vote in the last Governor’s race. The Ohio Governor only won by 2 points. That is NOT a mandate, and certainly NOT a majority. What I also find amusing is your complete lack of self respect. It’s ok with you to not have a voice at your job, to pay half your income on health benefits, and to work until you die because you don’t have a decent retirement plan. Get it! Get it!?

    • Joe

      Up yours jack off

      • palustris

        Joe, an immature comment like that does no good to help your unions. Are you speaking for your union? You have a real problem and your union is probably real proud of you if that’s the best you can come up with.

    • Bernard Forand

      Look at the avatar of this computer generated malarkey. “We The People in order to form a more perfect Union” Wow they must have been mentally challenged to be spewing such nonsense. RIGHT? Now we can see where your lack of intelligence manifest itself from. DUH majority? Polls identify your statement as false. 60% to 70% of the nation is opposed this malarkey you are trying to vomit. You are not paying them unless of course you are the corporatist that are telling everyone below them to shut up and we will tell you what is. Now step back to the end of the bus and suck on your pie. Act Blue is taking donations for the defense of the “People”.

    • Rainbo

      Clearly the voters didn’t want it. so where is your majority? The GOP does NOT constitute a majority especially when they are ignoring the will of the people.

      • ohyeah

        Are you blind, deaf and “dumb”! This is exactly what the voters wanted. Just because some left wing judge is trying to stop temporarily, means nada. She will be overruled. Wisconsin voters want this, Ohio voters, Michigan voters – face it everyone does unless you are a uion people and there spouses want it.

  • Unions suk

    More losers unions members who have no education and think they are worth 100k a year.


    • Bernard Forand

      Wow what a bumper sticker mentality. This is what we are to take into consideration as an intelligent creature? Naw Act Blue is taking donations for the recall of the corporatist dictators check them out.

    • thane

      Suck is spelled s-u-c-k Mr. Suk

  • cl

    Those commenting about the protests in Wisconsin clearly have no idea about the issues actually in Wisconsin.

    First, Scott Walker did not campaign on removing collective bargaining rights from the public sector employees. You cannot claim that the majority of Wisconsin voted for this when they did not know that that was what he was going to do. Polls in Wisconsin in fact have shown that the majority of Wisconsin voters support retaining the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

    Second, claiming the majority of Wisconsin voted for something is also false just on sheer numbers. Not everybody voted in the last election. In fact, only about half of Wisconsin residents voted in the last election and Walker won with 53% of the vote. If you do your math, that only amounts to about a quarter of Wisconsin residents. That’s hardly a majority.

    Third, this nation is a republic. That is, as our founding fathers were well aware of, majority rules means mob rule and 51% of the population imposing their will and taking away the rights of the other 49% is not what they had in mind.

    Fourth, public sector employees are MORE educated than your average private sector worker. This is partly because your public sector employees are teachers and professors.

    Please learn your facts,

    • ohyeah

      I am sure you got the facts from the Union if they are facts at all. Secondly, yours are not facts unless you state the resource. So BS off with your so called facts. How about I say 59% of voters don’t want Union’s to have collective bargaining rights and 41 percent do. How do you like those “facts” so get your facts straight. It doesn’t matter if the people who elected the governor knew whether he was going to do this or not . They elected someone who would not only cut the budget deficit but make hard choices for the future of the budget. He is doing his job. Sorry you don’t like it. Better luck next time.

      • rob

        How much does taking away the collective bargaining rights from unions help the budget, when they already agreed to meet all of the governors demands to pay extra? How much does it help? Please cite your sources, because your opinions don’t prove anything.

  • ohyeah

    I work for the public sector and although most of us have 4 year degrees some are dumber than dirt. I suppose you think just because you have an education you are somehow smarter than those that don’t . Have you ever watched Leno when he asked people on the street basic questions? Hell check it out. Several interviewees were teachers (I would say in the late 20’s and early 30″) and they didn’t even know who Abe Lincoln., Martin Luther King and one didn’t even know who George Washington was. Having a degree is squat when it come to real intelligence. And you clearly are not otherwise you would know the governor is right in making these tough choices. Why should you be special. I would rather have medicaid than a bunch of over paid worthless teachers. That is a fact. Graduation rate has never been worse and the kids these days only know how to run cell phones, Ipods and electronic gadgets. However, they can’t take an insult without suing someone. They can’t think outside the box and basically can’t wipe there own ass without the left wing telling them how to do it!

    • Bernard Forand

      Oh Yeah; Dumber than dirt? Arizona right? Do you know Theodore Roosevelt and the big stick he had and what it was for? Do you know which president made unions legal? Those worthless teachers are not responsible for your failures. At least they got you to the point where you see the importance of Medicaid. Thank them for that. Republicans want to put that into Vouchers now. LOL Sale coupons for our elderly and sick. Want to do something about it? Continue to educate yourself, at the library if need be. Where there is a will there is a way. Act taking donations to go directly to lawyers for the recall of these tin Tyrants. Now lets see some of this imaginary “real Intelligence” of yours is or is not.

    • Thane

      I don’t know where you live but the people sound really dumb. Education doesn’t make you intelligent it makes you educated. Try it.

      • ohyeah

        Education has done nothing for this upcoming generation. Take your own advice, although I doubt it will help. It doesn’t matter how much education you have if you don’t have any commonsense or the ability to rationalize the situation. No money, cut the budget. How hard is that to understand.

      • ohyeah

        Right around the corner from you.

    • david lipton

      ahem ohyeah…. I am tired of seeing the governement and other foot the bill so union employees can have all the benefits that they feel entitled too. i pay for my own health insurance my own 401k and everything else. If i dont like my job i sure as hell cant just walk away and force my company into barganing with me. maybe what these unions should do is work hard invest there money on there time and get used to what every non unionized american has to deal with. im sorry i dont see the significace of someone who sits behind a machine and pushes a button all day getting $20+ an hour without ne form of education but a high school diploma

  • JC

    Do you guys heard about the news in Florida? Miami mayor Alvarez was voted out by 88% of the voters in a recall effort. His sin? Raise taxes and give his city employees a raise. City workers union work very hard to defeat this effort. CNN put this news in a little visited place, so you cannot claim CNN is biased.

  • ohyeah

    Only Union workers show up at these meetings. The rest of us don’t care what your beef is at this point. Plus they are violent against anyone who doesn’t share the union belief of money first, boss/manager pocket padding second, political contributions third and quality and ethics of work last.


    What are you 12?
    Wisconsin Poll: Support for Budget Cutting, Not for Weakening Collective Bargaining Rights … oppose efforts to weaken collective bargaining rights for …


    … the past two weeks, a national poll has found that roughly 60% of all Americans oppose eliminating collective bargaining rights … Protests In Michigan Over ‘Financial …


    … the past two weeks, a national poll has found that roughly 60% of all Americans oppose eliminating collective bargaining rights … Protests In Michigan Over ‘Financial …


    another one
    NBC/WSJ poll: 62% against stripping public employees …
    NBC/WSJ poll: 62% against stripping public employees’ bargaining rights … have the same collective-bargaining rights (when … Indy in Michigan

  • palustris

    Booing just shows the lack of education, maturity and respect which too many union workers display. I did not care for Gov. Granholm’s tenure but I would NEVER even think of booing her for any reason. Many, not all, union people need to grow up.

    • Bernard Forand

      Palustris; Oh yeah they picked it up from the republicans when they booed Obama. Whats good for the gander is good for the goose. Act Blue .com taking donations for the lawyers that will seek to De throne these tin tyrants if I recall.

      • Palustris

        Bernard, they didn’t pick that up from anybody…they were downright disrespectful. I never said the was anything wrong with unions, but they sure do not earn any sympathy when so many of their people act like that. They, and you, need to grow up and quit squabbling like children. Rick Snyder is not trying to hurt anyone. Everyone has to give up some to get this mess fixed. And quit spamming with your act blue…you are way outnumbered.

  • Sherry

    Rick Snyder needs to give up his pensions, and his medical benefits then, START THERE, then move down to the State Reps, and all politicians. START WITH YOURSELVES FIRST, if we ALL have to contribute, set the example for us and then we will get on the same page as you, Mr. Snyder.

  • Carol Zinter

    Thank you to the Ford workers for their support of us public workers in Wisconsin! We appreciate it!

    • Ang

      I do too!! Tahnk you from a Wisonson Public Worker!!!

      • Ang

        Sorry ….my THANK YOU.. above is speeled wrong..I was just very excited!!

  • af

    I work for the United Steelworkers and I am extremely proud of what I do and what my union does every day for American workers. Every day we are reminded that the work we do is for our members. We hope that the benefits that we fight for for our members will benefit all working Americans. I have never witnessed any form of corruption occur in my union, and I work in the headquarters.

    If you’re not a boss, you’re a worker. I hope that we can all unite and win this fight back against the assault on the middle class, workers, and democracy.

  • J

    Just remember those ridiculous Unions brought YOU the weekend

  • painful1

    I worked in a union facility for 7 weeks & ended up leaving just before I was able to get in their union because of the way the workers had treated me. I was the one who they would point a finger at instead of taking their own responsibilities. I left there to go back to a job where I was paid less but the people gave me respect & I have earned two promotions since. I for one was glad I left & I feel that unions are one reason why companies go overseas for items that’s one place they can save money instead of paying & dealing with the demands of unions.

    • Ang

      Unions keep businesses here…’s the owners of the businesses that send work over seas because they don’t want to have to pay fair wages. They would rather pay a 10 year old to work 12 hours for $2! I was very pro-republican at one time but they are not putting their tax breaks back into the United States, they are putiing their money in Swiss Bank accounts and over sea investments….while getting tax breaks. How is that helping anyone!? I work in a job and I pay union dues…I work in a job Nobody wants to do!! I deal with the less fortunate…no not lazy people that don’t want to work but people with mental health issues and children that have been abandoned by parents and I have to make sure they are safe……with no money or funding for programs. My own family is at risk of being a ‘needy” family because my husband can’t find a job he’s laid off and we have 2 small children. So if I choose to pay union dues then let me!! I pay for my health insurance and retirement…I am a tax payer also!! Wake up and just really think about ….what is so bad about letting people have unions?? The unions aren’t taking money away from anyone….it’s the 400 people that have more money in this country than all of the others combined not having to pay the same ratio of taxes!!!

      • david lipton

        No I am sorry you are very clearly wrong. Unions are and have been for a while now one of the roots causes of lost American domestic business. Foreign companies do not want to bring business to the united states and work with union because of work stoppage and also higher wages. Furthermore American companies with domestic factories have moved operations oversees because of the fact they have to pay higher union wages along with more benefits. Maybe what union workers (specifically auto union workers) need to realize is that in every part of the world where someone performs the same job they get paid marginally less. Maybe they are losing there jobs to foreigners because they have made it no longer viable for that business to be profitable due to all of their fiscal demands. I hope that if I get a response it is informed and not some conservative or liberal spew. thank you and for reference I work as an industrial appraiser and auctioneer in the greater Detroit area and have knowledge on the subject.

  • alayna

    well can you really blame people for doing what they think is right. I know that they are the ones tat are doing it but thats just what people will have to live with

  • JimmyTheSaint

    Seriously people.? Most of the comments on this column will tell you how Americans have ended up in the situation they have. Commercial income has become highly consolidated to a very few major coroporations who pay less taxes than they should and pay as poorly as possible for the benefit of their shareholders who are for the most part the wealthiest 2% of the population and for the most part are not Americans, ergo unions are necessary. You think low taxes on the rich and corporations will solve your issues? Look at Canada. No real estate bust there, no banking system implosion, reasonable unemployment. Lots of rich people living rich people lives, no armagedon from higher tax rates. WAKE UP USA! Trickle down econmics are a myth even the people selling it to you in the ’80’s have come forward and said so. Read a book.

    • palustris

      Get your facts straight. The big boys are still going to pay taxes…6% of their profit. What the governor is doing will help the small employers, such as myself. I employ 5 people who have been with me 15-20 yrs. I take good care of them and wish I could do better. This new shift will help me do that. Trickle down DOES work!

    • rob

      those are all good points, I should have read this before I started posting

  • Ang

    For “OhYeah”….union worker’s work is cushy and you pay for MY health insurance….let’s not forget, I am a union employee, I work 40+ hours a week and take no overtime because our union contracts are not allowing us too….my health insurance is paid by ME…I am a taxpayer also!!
    What is your answer to abused children in need of projection and help and the juvenile delinquents breaking into houses and cars? Who is going to help them or “fix” those problems?? YOU? Your answer is “get a job”? Well come and volunteer your time to help! Oh that’s not your job…well it’s mine and by taking away collective bargaining rights has nothing to do with saving the state money!!! I pay into the union with the money I earn!!! This is why there are radicals because people can’t just coexist!! If someone needs help -help them it’s that easy but to go out of your way and talk down to union worker’s that work hard long hours are ignorant. No wonder you are not in a union!!

  • waydownsouth

    @ ohyeah

    Cutting a budget is a fine idea but let me ask you this. What gets cut? Do you think that the conservatives in office do across the board cuts. I mean, do you think that those benefits that are given to businesses are cut…NO. Its the state/county/city employees and the programs that help the underprivilege that are cut. When government jobs are cut its not the management jobs cut but those lower down on the food chain, the ones that actually do the work, not management. The only thing you will see with benefits given to businesses under pretext of creating jobs is that the management reaps in big dollars. When those benefits given expire then those businesses are taken to anti-union states or overseas. You should try getting an education or using common sense at least quit listening to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly.

  • david lipton

    its so nice to see union workers finally getting theres. if i dont like what im getting paid or my beneifts im not able to walk away from my job. its called work harder and youll get what u deserve. you unionizers have had it nice and easy for so long its about time that you end up having to deal with your problems instead of walking away and bullying the industrial sector into doing what you want. grow up work harder and if u dont like ur job quit and get a new one just like the rest of america

  • Loral Orow

    Union workers only care about themselves & more of the big bucks they can bring home, without working too hard.
    They support the government workers unions? WOW! That’s a great way to have teachers who don’t care about the students, and firemen who don’t care about putting out fires. Good Work Union!!! The end of excellence in the USA!!

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