Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 3-17-11

700,000 condoms were stolen…why?
10. Why were the condoms stolen? Disney is remaking the movie UP- an adult version. JOSH PLYMOUTH.
9. The condoms were stolen because honestly who pays for condoms anymore?
8. Tressel knew the condoms were stolen 8months ago but didn’t know who to tell. Bobby in the city
7. 700,000 condoms stolen? Antonio Cromartie heard about the possible work stoppage and couldn’t afford any additional child support. -Alex at work…unfortunately
6. Why were the condoms stolen? They were stolen to cover a season of jersey shore. Mike Belleville
5. Feedback: the condoms were stolen by sjp because she was tired of everyone going bareback on her
4. Why were the condoms stolen: Because Verne Troyer ran out of shower caps?
3. Britney Spears stole the condoms for her son’s little league team party after the season. Paul canton
2. from Michael… Why were condoms stolen? Doesn’t make sense….Wilt Chamberlin passed away several years ago..!
1. The condoms were stolen by roger goodell. All fans now get protraction while continuing to get screwed over by the league as part of their new agreement.


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