According to research by, Ann Arbor is ranked the number six city to date a nerd. The popular match-making website recently compiled a list of the top ten U.S. cities to find yourself a nerd.

The findings come on the heels of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2010. According to, it has never been cooler to be a nerd than right now.

The reason Ann Arbor is number six?

“The University of Michigan employs about 30,000 people – which equals roughly 26% of the city’s population. The city’s economy mostly depends on developments in high technology, as many companies are drawn to the area due to the educated alumnae that have matriculated there.”

The number one nerd city is Sunnyvale, California, which is not a surprise considering it is located smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley.

In fact, each city on the list is associated with a scholarly university or technologically advanced company.

Click here to see all the nerd cities that made the top ten list.


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