DETROIT (WWJ) –  For fans of “Detroit 187″, the television murder drama filmed in Detroit, the season finale is Sunday night.   A famous  Metro Detroit museum is part of the finale; the Henry Ford, serves as a backdrop for some scenes. 

It’s all very exciting for the museum’s director of media & film relations, Wendy Metros.

” It was a terrific experience .  The cast and crew were just, they were just wonderful to work with, very sensitive to our needs as a museum with, you know, authentic artifacts as part of our environment,”  says Metros.

You’ll see some scenes at the Henry Ford with 187 main character Detective Fitch played by Michael Imperioli and his son, who’s played by his real life son. Metros, says they were filming at the museum for a day , but she’s hoping the national exposure will pay off.

“We hope that people will get an opportunity to certainly to watch the finale tonight and get a glimpse of what The Henry Ford offers and decide to come here.” says Metros.

Detroit 187 airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on the ABC network.

Comments (5)
  1. Val Redhead says:

    The more I saw Fitch’s son, the more I could see that the boy was either a very good look alike or it was his real life son. Then I read that Bobby is his real son. That’s pretty cool that they get to play on the same show.

  2. Me says:

    WHY would ABC put the season finale on a Sunday night? They doomed this show from the start with their erratic airing of it. I think the President made a speech one night, then there was a special about Senator Guifford, then… OH! Charlie (Winning!) Sheen!! I so looked forward to this show every week, and it was hardly ever on! I actually did a survey on it months ago and got to watch the first episode before it aired and loved it. I didn’t even know the season finale was on Sunday. I happened to turned the TV on at 9:15. Very disappointed with ABC on this one. I hope they bring the show back.

  3. Me too says:

    Time changes and replacement specials are killing it’s momentum. Great show though.

  4. Me Also says:

    When is the Final show??? Tuesday 3/22??? You never know when it will be broadcast. Way to go ABC…

  5. Tom says:

    Good show and hope it is renewed for next season.

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