SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – If you have a compromised immune system and are getting into the later years of life, it’s strongly recommended that immunization against influenza be obtained every fall.

Your doctor may also recommend annual immunization against pneumonia, which leads to hospitalization and/or death for hundreds of people each year who are battling infections like influenza or bronchitis. Pneumonia shots should become a standard weapon in your stay-well arsenal after age 65.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends for the over 50 set — Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccinations every 10 years. Talk to your doctor about other vaccinations you may need based on your current health status.
And don’t forget to keep a record of any and all immunizations. In fact, if you haven’t already done so — why not begin a family medical history. An easy way to get started is to begin a written or electronic journal. Enter into it medical data on each family member as far back as you can go. The information will not only help the family physician, but may also help your blood relatives understand symptoms or health problems they’re experiencing.
For information on beginning a family medical history, visit the links below:


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