What can we expect this year on Dancing with the Stars?
10. Machio could win the whole damn thing but he’ll be too busy waxing off in the dressing room. Skippy in Ypsi
9. From Deuce… What to expect from Dancing With The Stars: Kirstie Alley will eat Ralph Macchio and from the crowd Dutch will yell ”get her a doggie bag”
8. On Dancing With the Stars Chris Jericho will put is partner in the “Waltz of Jericho” instead of the Walls of Jericho. Regardless, she will tap out. Joel
7. What to expect from DWTS: a disclaimer at the end of each episode saying ”no stars were harmed, or involved, during the making of this show”
6. What to expect from dancing with the stars? Gator will refuse to watch the play-in dances -mike from Ann Arbor
5. What to expect from dancing with the stars… Lionel Ritchie was seriously hurt after an attempt at dancing on the ceiling… Matt in warren
4. What to expect from dancing with the stars…Sweater Vest was asked to dance on the floor, he declined said he would rather dance around it! TJ sterling hts
What to expect on dancing with the stars?…..Kirsty Alley eats up the competition, literally. Terry. St. Clair Shores.
3. Kristie alley will lose a bunch of points then gain them all back quickly. Pat Shelby Township
2. Ralph macchio will dance to everyone was kung fu fighting. Scott
1. SJP will do well on dancing with the stars because she is a natural at the trot. Pappy. Canton


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