‘Michigan Matters’ Truscott-Rossman

This week on Michigan Matters, Carol Cain talks with Kelly Rossman-McKinney and John Truscott, two people on the opposite side of the political fence who have become partners in the Truscott Rossman Public Relations firm. They discuss politics, the Governor’s budget proposals, film credits and much more before joining Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Business Executive Denise Ilitch on the Roundtable.

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  • HH

    This may be off your subject but I want it to get out there that as long as we fly into Japan who is in desperate need we are propelling the nuclear radioactive particles back to our country. I have donated to the relief affort and will do so again but is there any other way to continue to help without endangering our food supply and air quality?

  • gjfox

    If you are referring to radiation detected in Michigan here’s a little more info. DEQ: Less Radiation Than A Banana – Read more: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2011/03/31/low-levels-of-radiation-detected-in-michigan-air/

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