Hey iPhone people, check it out! Share your favorite Detroit landmark photos for a chance to get featured in the season finale of NCIS Los Angeles.

Video – NCIS: Los Angeles stars Eric Christian Olsen and Renée Felice Smith explain the project.

Through Instagr.am, the popular photo sharing app, users can access exclusive behind-the-scenes show photography shot by the cast and producers.  At the same time,  NCIS Los Angeles fans and Instagr.am users will be encouraged to share their favorite hometown photos of unique or iconic locales in their city, with an opportunity for their photo to be featured in the series’ season finale.

The NCIS Los Angeles “Flaunt Your City” campaign runs through April 1 at 9 p.m. The cast and producers will review and choose an Instagr.am photo, which will be integrated into the season finale on May 17 at 9:00 PM, ET/PT.  Fans can view photo submissions from cast and other fans on Instagr.am (#NCISLA), Facebook and CBS.com.

Directions to Participate in “Flaunt Your City”:

  1. Download the Instagr.am app to your iPhone (only available on iPhone, iPad and iTouch)
  2. Follow the NCIS Los Angeles cast on Instagr.am
  3. Take photo of your favorite hometown spot with the app
  4. HASHTAG your photo with #NCISLA
  5. Upload all photographs by April 1, 2011, at 9:00 PM

For complete instructions of the campaign, please visit www.facebook.com/NCISLA. *Data charges may apply for use of the Instagr.am app.

If you had to pick ONE … leave a comment and tell us what the best Detroit landmark is?

Comments (8)
  1. BLR says:

    NCIS DC The Best……..NCIS LA Sucks

  2. BLR says:

    FireFly Bring It Back George Bush Still Sucks

  3. BLR says:

    Danceing with the Hasbeens Sucks!

  4. BLR says:

    Criminal Minds Very Good. The CriminalMinds with the Britt Sucke Britt Voice makes me Puke

  5. BLR says:

    The US Gets 80% of all Its Oil from Canada and 20% From Alaska

  6. BLR says:

    Abbs Should do a Nude for the Last Show In frot of a Picture of Detroit 187 Poster

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