SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – The Michigan Film Incentives Program was one of the issues that took center stage in Southfield, Monday, as a state lawmaker met with residents.

“Since the incentives, we’ve done five feature films that have been part of the program. Just from U of M alone, we have hired over fifty recent graduates,” said Farmington Hills business owner Eddie Reuben.

Reuben wanted to know what the mood is in Lansing among lawmakers who will be asked to significantly cut the state’s film tax incentives.

State Senator Vincent Gregory said he supports the program — and he’s not alone.

I can tell you that, at least, on the Senate side, that there’s quite a few senators that agree with you that it has brought the jobs here,” Gregory said.

Gregory, a Democrat, said he hopes Republic Governor Rick Snyder will give a film industry counter proposal a fair hearing.

“Hopefully the Governor will look at this counter proposal and will consider, let’s at least give the film industry a couple of more years,” he said.

Among other concerns voiced by residents at Gregory’s meeting included schools, crime, pensions and taxes. The new Emergency Financial Manager issue was also raised, along with fears that an EMF with no vested interest in a city wouldn’t care about any drastic cuts that were made.

Cuts planned by Governor Snyder have some Michigan residents planning a recall attempt.

Cuts to education funding, changes to state employee pensions and allowing an EMF make cuts in cities has left Jacqueline White of Southfield believing that it would wreak havoc in communities.

 “I’m involved with a group right now that is going to Lansing and we are preparing for it,” says White.

Although she states nothing can be done regarding a recall until July, but her group is ready to go.”I believe so, there are already people standing waiting for it,” White says.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim says:

    Recall your municipal elected, since they are/were the ones who are/were running your city, township, or whatever into deficit. Don’t look for bailouts from the State or Federal Governments util you help yourself.

  2. TJ says:

    Fifty jobs for $100,000,000?!? Am I missing something in the math here? Cut the film credits off!!

    1. Michman87 says:

      Yes you don’t seem to get the Math at all. That was one person talking about people from one specific school. As someone who worked for him I know he has hired hundreds of people. And the industry as a whole has created over 5,000 equivalent full time jobs. Also, that 5,000 does not represent all the vendors from security companies to lumber yards who have stayed in business because of the Film Industry. Check your math again.

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