Ways you can tell Donald Trump is driving the Indy 500 pace car…
10.It’s accompanied by as catchy bass line and backup singers repeating the word “money” Scott in Southgate
9.. You know its Donald Trump because the windows will be rolled up so his hairpiece doesnt blow off!
8.. How do u know its Trumps car? It will be sponsored only 2 companies. A bottled water firm and a vinegar distributor. Wheels
7. His hot daughter will say gentlemen start your engines and fourty thousand nascar fans will steel away to the bathroom for five minutes.
6. Like him, his convertible will have really ugly rag top. Matt Windsor
5. Ways to know Donald Trump is driving the Indy pace car?…. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Nascar limousine….. Scott in the outer banks of macomb.
4. Your radiator is ubstructed by a hair piece!
3. How to know its Donald Trump in the pace car? The hood of the car will be blowin in the wind…just like his hair! Tony in fraser
2. What to expect with Trump in the pace car….the addition of a chin strap to his hair helmet. Terry. St. Clair Shores.
1. Ways to tell that it’s Trump in the pace car: His fire suit is an Armani – Paul in Hartland


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