DETROIT (WWJ) – The operators of the Lafayette Bait and Tackle Shop have reached a settlement with the Detroit International Bridge Company.

Attorney Bill Goodman filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dean and Rita Aytes in February, charging that the company ruined its business by closing streets and blocking access to their shop while preparing to build a second span to the Ambassador Bridge. 

Goodman said the battle has been called off.

“We had anticipated that the bridge company would resist us with every fiber within it. To our great surprise, and our pleasure, we have to and readily acknowledge the fact that the bridge (company) has really stepped up to the plate and done exactly the right thing,” he said.

Both Goodman and an attorney for the International Bridge Company  have refused to disclose the terms of the settlement.

  1. TaterSalad says:

    Michigan Unlimited Personal Injury Costs ranks the highest in the nation. This needs to be corrected by legislation immediately.

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