The Tigers sent Scott Sizemore to Toledo Tuesday. I don’t think this means that the Tigers issues at second base are over. In fact it raises more questions. Who is going to open the season at second base? Will it be Will Rhymes? The little sparkplug is having a pretty good spring, hitting .289. Will it be Danny Worth? He can play a variety of positions and is hitting .323. Will it be veteran Ramon Santiago? Maybe it will be none of the above. Maybe the Tigers will realize that none of these guys are exactly all-stars and will make a trade. With the abundance of bullpen and outfield depth, couldn’t the Tigers take a chance and moving a guy like Brennan Boesch or Casper Wells, Charlie Furbush and Andy Oliver for Michael Young? You may say Andy Oliver is an untouchable, but I say the future is now. Michael Young would be the bat that could put the Tigers over the top, and yes I think Young could play second.

Sizemore’s demotion also raises the question of, what happens to Scott Sizemore. Here was a guy the Tigers pegged as their second baseman of the future and now at age 26 is back in Toledo. Unfortunately the Tigers might be forced in going Back to the Future and have Carlos Guillen play second base when he is healthy and that is a movie I don’t want to see.

If forced to play Jim Leyland here and there is no trade, I would start Rhymes and see what happens. I think he can play in the big leagues; I am just not convinced he can be effective every day. The bottom line is that second base was a question mark in October of 2010 and is still a question mark with opening day 2011 just nine days away.

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  1. KRUNCH says:

    I’m trying to figure out what the issue is with Rymes. As faras I’m concerned if he plays 2nd base and hits anywhere near .300 draws some walks and steals some bases (which is something Guillen isn’t going to do) it’s all good. Give the kid a shot just like they did with Sizemore who was supposed to be the 2nd coming of Lou Whitaker (yeah right) how’s that looking now? Danny Worth should be the replacement for Ramon Santiago who is a liability in the field regarldless of where he is playing. This Team has a good group of young kids who CAN play there is a good mix of youth and vetrans up and down the line-up. Don’t do a thing and this season will one to remember.

  2. Derek says:

    I think the Tigers would be better off giving Rhymes a chance at 2B. He’s the best option they have of the three players that were in camp. He plays pretty good D, it looks like he’ll probably hit around .300 and most importantly, he doesn’t strike out (13 K in 213 plate appearances last year). Besides Polanco, when’s the last time the Tigers had a 2B like that? He’s be the perfect guy to plug in the #2 spot behind Jackson, which looked like it could have been an issue had Guillen started the season not on the DL.

    I also don’t think trading for Young is the best of ideas. Giving up the best lefty starter we have in the system right now is not a good idea since the Tigers are heavily loaded with righties. And getting another All-Star doesn’t mean everything. How many All-Stars did the Tigers have on the ’06 team? 3, and one was an injury replacement.

  3. Dancezecy says:

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