By Scott Ryan

DETROIT (WWJ) – A newly-leaked song online features Eminem sampling Paul Simon’s 1975 hit “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”

The person behind the leak, “Koolo,” has leaked other hip-hop and rap tracks before.  It’s not clear when the song was written, but music bloggers are saying the track is likely several years old.  “Koolo” says the song is from 2003.

The tune “50 Ways” features an angry Eminem venting over an ex-lover who apparently cheated on him, with the ranting coming forth in the form of profanity-laden lyrics.  He talks of a woman being stuffed in the trunk of a car and being dumped in a lake.

The leaked track, which you can hear here, is only 2-and-a-half minutes long, leaving some to wonder if there is more to the song.

**Note**  The song contains profanity and some online pages where the song has been posted are deemed not safe for work.

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  1. Morrie says:

    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thnkaufl for your help.

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