Gifts for Gator’s birthday…
10. Gator’s B-Day- 69 bottles of Magic Hat served at an establishment on Big Beaver Road (exit 69). Scott in Southgate
9. A Brand new boat, because he deserves it
8. A time machine to go back in time and prevent himself from getting tricked into seeing Segar’s farewell tour. Tim AA
7. I’m getting Gator tickets to the London Super Bowl for his Birthday. Tito
6. What to get Gator for his b-day? A robin mead fat head. Jeff
5. Gifts for gator? Sharktopus! Eric Whitmore Lake
4. Gift for gator… a 6×9 photo of misty hyman
3. What to get Gator for his birthday? Free tickets to all the NCAA Tournament play in games. Terry. St. Claire Shores.
2. Mike in the Ren Cen- a gift for gators birthday; a caddy to fudge his golf scores for him so he doesn’t have to do it.
1. Gators bday? A Lauren Conrad action figure. Wheels

Comments (5)
  1. ann says:

    happy birthday gator how lod are you today i will love to go out with you scoot

  2. Tutankhamen says:

    haha, “lod” and “scoot”? I think Gator’s standards are a little higher than your vocab can reach, my dear…and, “ann” is definitely not Egyptian!

    1. ann says:

      i was email scoot not you is your name scoot

  3. JBUG says:

    I love your voice and your hummor…and listen when ever I can. Happy be-loated birthday Scott!!!!

  4. ann says:

    i was nor for you it was for scoot ok boo

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